What is Güçmatik?

Gucmatik is a portable charging unit that removes the power supply and charger problems with 1 €/$ Coin and usable as a powerbank.

How does Gucmatik work?

Gucmatik is activated with 1 €/$ - coin and it allows your customers charge for 30 minutes. When the Gucmatik's charge drops to 10%, it turns itself off and prevents customers from charging and prevents loss of money and trust.

Where can Gucmatik be used on?

It can be used in cafes, restaurants, bars, tea gardens, hotels, campuses, recreation areas, pastry shops, canteens, shopping centers and all indoor-outdoor areas.

What is the size of Gucmatik?

Size of Gucmatik mobile charger;
120 mm / 130 mm / 133 mm
Weight : 1.8 kg

How do we see the balance of Gucmatik?

There is a balance control area in the lower part of Gucmatikwhich can only be opened by the owner. This area contains a constant balance and a daily balance information. The daily balance can be reset by the owner if desired, but the constant balance always increases and cannot be deleted. This prevents any money loss and money tracking problems.

How many minutes does Gucmatik charge for 1 € / $ - Coin?

Gucmatik provides 30 minutes charge to the customers with 1 € / $ - Coin.

Can Gucmatik be used more than one by the same customer?

The customer may extend the charging period by adding 1 € / $ - Coin extra and use the Gucmatik again and again.

Which devices can be charged with Gucmatik?

Gucmatik,suitable for all models of all portable devices, especially Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony.

How is Gucmatik be charged?

Gucmatik can be easily charged with the charging adapter inside the box.

How long does it take to charge of Gucmatik?

Gucmatik charges itself within 7 hours.

How many devices can be charged at the same time?

One Gucmatik can charge one device at a time.


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