Increase your

income and customer
satisfaction with Gucmatik.

Easily respond your customers' need with Gucmatik. While they are enjoying in your place, they can charge their phone, tablet or camera and your place earns its money.

At the same time, it makes easier for your staff and assures your customers by allowing your customers to charge their mobile devices by their side.

  • What is GüçMatik?

  • Works with 1 € / $ Coin

  • Low Energy, High Efficiency

  • Portable & Desktop for
    Cafe and all venues

Gucmatik always brings in, increases the gain.

Gucmatik earns money for your business from the first day. With paying only one-time with a low cost, it gives your investment in a very short time and it always earns money for you.

GüçMatik is compatible with all device.

It is 100% compatible with all phone, tablet, camera and portable devices thanks to its special production technology. The multi-head feature makes it possible to safely charge different devices. It ensures that Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC and all other devices are safely charged.

Gucmatik increases Your Customer Satisfaction.

Gucmatik responds to the needs of your customers and increases satisfaction. Being a desktop device gives confidence in your customers and it provides their devices are always on their side. Meanwhile, the socket and charge are not a problem anymore and Gucmatik aims to make your customers spend more time in your place.

Gucmatik is a long-lived and durable.  

Gucmatik is manufactured with dry battery technology. Gucmatik can be recharged repeatedly, more durable than ordinary battery technologies and it has a high quality and long life. This ensures safe charging for you and your customers.

Your Gain Is Under Control.

Intelligent Balance System located in Güçmatik takes control of your earnings with numerators. It shows your total turnover from the starting day. Therefore, Gucmatik enables you control the turnover of your business safely.


  • Gucmatik is placed on your customer's
    desk with its portable structure

  • Your customer starts charging
    with 1€/$ Coin the Gucmatik.

  • Finally, it is comfortable charging
    devices of your customers.


  • Battery Capacity :

    1000W / 2555 Hour

  • Size :

    13cm x 13cm x 14cm

  • Weight :

    1.8 kg

  • Battery Type :

    Dry Battery without Maintenance

  • USB Entry :


  • USB Output :


  • Charging Time :

    30 minute

  • In the Box :

    Gucmatik, Charge Adapter, Charge Cable,
    Cable Lock


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